Saturday, October 25, 2008

How can you not love a cat named Guinness...

Since I've been back I have been kicking back. I spent yesterday with the bIRD filming the last segment of my videos, hanging out and working on the cover for his latest poetry book and attending a poetry reading by Dan Wilcox.

Today I made Chili for the store wide Chili Taste Test at work, and gott my pics and videos loaded onto my backup hard drive so I can begin to work on the travelogue. I went for medium hot on the Chili so I don't expect to find myself in the winners circle, I did represent though!


saraH has wanted a new cat since Mooshee died. So when I left for Ireland I made a deal with my her; if she cleaned up the Laundromat while I was gone she could get a cat while I was away. My idea was that the cat would bond first to her and not me. It was a good plan but somehow flawed.

Guinness has bonded to me and I to him as well. How can you not love a cat named Guinness, he even has a nice foamy head on his chest.

"Guinness the Cat"
Even the Dog likes him.


I'm not going to say just when the first travelogue will be posted. Some information and notes that I took were mailed home, because I had accumulated so much, that it was either mail something or leave something behind. After I post this blog I will begin writing the first one. I may post it tomorrow, or I may post it next week. Obviously I don't want to leave anything out so I am taking my time and cross checking my facts.

"How's 'bout ye!"

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