Sunday, April 5, 2009

...every incline and decline...

I was tired. Wiped out. I was thinking I was not in the good shape I thought I was at first. I took the BIG SPEED WALK around the Ville. Its one I laid out a few years ago, incorporating every incline and decline I could fit in, within close proximity to the house. The object being to get the heartbeats up and work my legs as much as possible. I try to climb hills at the same pace I do flats. Fortunately the adrenaline-rush kicks in just as I reach the steepest hill. Like I said I was tired and wiped out.

But I have recovered well and I am now experiencing the rush of a good workout. I should be able to add weight to my back soon.

I feel so good I'm going to take a shower and go for a nap!

(...after all, I have to rest up to couch-potato the NCCA Championship on Monday night...)

speedwalkin' dúid~