Saturday, April 25, 2009

Poetry for Brunch. Mmmmm!

If you don't have technical difficulties that is. Today I had glitches. I got zapped when I plugged in. All of my settings were changed. The new settings were incompatible with Tom's projector. We messed around for quite a while and then the Reference Librarian came to the rescue! She hooked us up with a Library Laptop and plugged us into the built-in projection system on site. Very Cool! Next time, I'll show up a few days ahead of time and practice with the system. It was a little weird moving around on a giant screen 20ft away and at an extreme side angle.

I played the "Yeats/Gonne" VideO'em but I still feel it is unfinished so I will save posting it for when it's "Ready."

Last night I sat up working on this one. Until 3 a.m. I also made it to work on-time at 7a.m. The things I won't do for my Art....

I feel it approaches most closely where I want to go with this form. Low-High-Tech. Short. Painterly.

I am very happy with it!