Monday, January 26, 2009

I don't subscribe to "Tow Truck Theology"....

In other words: I don't believe that if I pray for a Tow truck one will miraculously appear and save me from dieing in a ditch during a blizzard just because I prayed.


So the obvious question, (in light of this weeks Bible Study theme at Church: Prayer: Intimacy with God.) is "Do I believe in Angels?" Well no actually, I don't. I do however believe in the presence of Good. Do I believe in Good vs Evil? Not really, not in the traditional Comic Book Variety anyway. I think that we are all a little of both and some of us are more one than the other. Hopefully we are all moving in the Good direction a higher percentage of the time. If you do Good you attract Good... if you go to the "Dark-Side" Well....


"It's a matter of seeing" ....[sic] you can change the exposure, you can change the filter, but you can't change the picture, only the interpretation..." (Living the LLC)


"If only I pray allot God will give me what I want...." NOOOOO! but I may be prepared for whatever happens and also have the means to avoid despair.