Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 6, Running behind on my Posts...

Here we are in the "Lime Tree" again, eating and drinking, and absorbing an incredible day!
Unfortunately todays Pic's will have to wait until we get back to a second outlet so I can load them on to the Computer.

Here is a Pic from our last morning at Greenmount Lodge:

My feet are in the frame so you can see I am actually "Walking the Sod!"


After Greenmount we stopped at Lough Neagh
to see the Ardboe Cross.

At the Beaghmore stones I decided to walk deep into the Bog to get just the right pic, It was worth it but I managed to illustrate the phrase "Bogged Down." in the process...

Landscape from deep in the Bog.

"Smilin' on the inside
And the outside!"