Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Embossed Saint Padriac's Day Treats! ...from my Great Aunt Anne Gilmour's Post Card Collection.

I'm sure I mentioned before that my Great Aunt Anne Gilmour had a tremendous Post Collection that I some day plan to turn into a dedicated blog.

While I was at Mom's on Sunday I was glancing through them. They run from 1904 through 1918 and are contained in 3 large binders.

Some are to her, some are not. Some are to other family members. Some are LOVE letters and some are pathetic why haven't you written thingies too....

These three are in keeping with the theme of the day! One of these was post marked on March 17th, 1910 @ 10:30am. 99 years ago to the minute!

The messages on them are short and I think easily decipherable. In context I will only add that "George" was one of her many beaux when she was working as a Telegraphist for Western Electric .

Happy Saint Padriac's Day!!!