Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Pappy" ...a worthy name to bare.

People tell you it will happen. But you don't believe them. If you live your life well, at some point you will be happy. In your life you will reach a place where you're happy with your self. Content.

You'll become patient with others. You'll cut people slack. There is less stress in your life. You made good choices even when you didn't know you were making them. You laugh with your kids because they turned out alright after all. Even with everything you and your Ex did to screw them up, they aren't bad people; and you know it. They make good choices, based on the sound advice you have given them over their lifetime; and the values you hoped to instill in them are there even if they don't always admit it.

Remember how you worried about them when they were hanging all over you at the Supermarket when they were tired and wanted a cookie, a nap, the toy on aisle 3? Now they are adults!

It's really neat to have your grown children love you and want to hang out. All those days, weeks and hour's of loving them pays off! Life IS GOOD. You are your parents son. Cut from a similar cloth and guess what...?

It happened. You're happy. In spite of everything, because you shared your life, love and values with your children their friends and every kid you ever met who needed to be cared for for some time of his life, for however long or short a time necessary, you shared because thats the way you were raised. Someday, they may remember you for that. Sometimes, some of them actually do. That's what really matters. The STRESS of Youth, Mortgage, and New Toys were not, and never will matter to you.

Love is what matters. You can go at any time now... or live until you're 96, its all the same to you. You can have a beer when you want. You can live life the way you want and need to, with no regrets.

You were the "COOL DAD" when your kids were growing up. Sometime in the future you expect to be the best "PAPPY" that ever doted on a Grandchild! ...And you will pass on the same love and values that your Parents, Grandparents, and GREAT Grandparent's passed down to you.