Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Maundy Thursday"; ...time for a few good cries...

Joyce Roe, friend and mentor died yesterday. She was the wife of my mentor in Boy Scouts and Youth Ministry: Tom Roe. (I've written about him here before.)

Joyce was always there for me and my kids. (She was always there or everyone...) Nothing made her happier than to have you sit down in her kitchen and let her whip something up for you. She made us homemade treats like fresh applesauce created right before our very eyes!

She never failed to send a card with a note for every holiday. When I found out yesterday I had to sit down where I was. (That happened to be in a chair at the coffee bar at work.) Joyce died of complications due to pneumonia. Her heart failed. (particularly poignant for me as Mom has suffered from both...) Cry number one.

I've been reading "Lion of Ireland" and as it happens, Brian (according to Llewellyn's account) died on Holy Friday. I had just finished reading about his death and having cry number two when Sarah brought in the mail. Todays mail contained an Easter Card with a letter and an invitation from Joyce to come and visit. I have next week off and had already planned to stop in as a surprise.... Cry number three.

Tonight I went to "Maundy Thursday" service. Every year (Cheryl H.) a former member of the Youth Ministries Team sings "Were you there?" at the end of the Upper-room Service and we leave in silence.

...after crying mind you. Cheryl gets me every time. A good cry! ...number four.

We will miss you Joyce. Save us a spot at the kitchen table. We promise we'll have a seat and "bring our healthy appetites" along with us!