Friday, September 28, 2007

....Long time no blog....

The past month has been unbe-logable. Life keeps getting lifelike all around me, all I can do is try to hold everyone I love up to God in hopes that he will nourish us all. Its hard to hold everyone up like this for a sustained period, but I know he will take over soon. The following is a memory of an actual event, unrelated to what has been going on, that came to me in the midst of everything else and somehow puts things into perspective for me.

When this event took place my daughters compassionate nature was yet to be formed. Maybe that is why this memory puts things into perspective for me. Time and the Lord will sort all things out. "These things too shall pass."

Yeah, that faith thing again.... belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof...

"Their faith was unwavering."

Keep the faith!

Da an his Punkin'


Baby girl, you were too young

to remember the water gathered

and trickled about your eye

where your tearduct would be

that made you fuss in the sink

the night I baptized you

hours after they argued

whether you should be

presumptive though it was

me not being a priest

they worried about

who the God-parents would be

in the kitchen that timorous dark night

your Da was frightened for your soul.

obeedude 16/sept/07 ~ rev28/sept/07

My "Baby girl" is almost 21 now. She has a well of compassion the likes of which even she dose not know the true depth of. She may not show it to everyone, but the Lord and I know it's there.

My faith is unwavering.

Markle. 28/sept/07