Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 4 ...This has been everything I could ever have hoped for and more!

We have found that Internet connections can be few and far between ....

We are sitting in a pub named "The Lime Tree Bar" in the Tower Hotel on "The Diamond" and I have purchased a 1 Day pass for about 8.00 GBP = 13.7362 USD.

Steve and Richard are eating and I am blogging...


I sent this out as a Virtual Post the other night.
(...somehow I doubt they realize what
the word "Hump" means in Amerikay...")

Because of the unreliable prospects of the next time I might be able to blog I am skipping to today and keeping this short.


At the Beaghmore Stone Circles... I just couldn't resist....

I got some GREAT Video too!


This is Steve's Silly Ireland Picture.
You have to have at least one.

Richard and I at Brackfield Brawn adjacent to
the Cumber Presbyterian Church Last night when we arrived.

Where we attended worship today! It was their yearly traditional harvest service. Afterwards we went back to Alan McKinney's for wonderful lunch provided by his lovely wife Anna. We had "Great Craic!"

Afterwards, we "Walked the Sod." We found all of the info I needed at the Ulster Migration Center yesterday the matched up with my Griffith's data so we were able to pin point the location of the Gilmour's tenancy!!!!

I have Copies of the Maps and pictures but I have not yet loaded them into the Computer so I can post them.

However! I can say that in the Church of the Trinity I found one headstone that confirms and expands the Glenn genealogy! (Barb, Kay, I am going to do a Rubbing so I can bring it back.) It takes us back to 1888 and leads me to believe that Alexander Gilmour met Jane Glenn while he was a Prentice Cooper and working at the Glebe.


I did manage to get these 2 shots last night with the Harvest Moon! Click on them to inlarge for full effect!

The Cumber Parish, Trinity Church with a graveyard filled
with Jane Glenn's Mother, Father, Brother James and....

Check out the Sunset reflection in the sign....

"I've to bed soon." was a very busy relaxing day.

This has been everything I could ever have hoped for and more! We found the "Scribe Tree", the old "Iron Bridge" (...I was Lead there by The Higher Power!) I stepped in cowflop and never even noticed! We determined from the maps that the Glenn's and Gilmour's lived across the street from each other. We learned that you pronounce the River Faughan with allot of spit as if you're clearing your throat. Cover the Kids ears now! ( sounds much like "River F**KEN") We finished up at "Robert Knobbs Pub" ...authentic Ulster Pub: Peat Fire and etc.... (...complete with young underage drinkers and MTV.... you can't have everything...)


THANK-YOU Alan and Anna! Steve, Richard and I will be talking about today for some time to come. This was defiantly Craic!

"How's 'bout ye!"