Saturday, March 14, 2009

I can no longer deny that I have spent most of my life in ignorance of my story....

When I first started this journey some years back, I began by Goggling the Townland of "Killaloo" looking for the Gilmour's based on the letters my Dad handed down to me.

The browser couldn't find anything at first, and it kept trying to redirect me to "Killaloe".

I got frustrated! I got P*ss-ed-off! I got so tired of trying to be redirected there at almost every query, I began to ignore it completely!



I have just finished reading Morgan Llywelyn's Narrative in 5 novels of Irish History. (1916, 1921, 1949, 1972 & 1999.) I enjoyed it VERY much and I even learned something in the process. It is not exhaustively and academically footnoted, but it is sufficiently footnoted to satisfy the rest of us....

...glancing at a passing footnote I noticed a description of "Killaloe".

Musha Mark! ...what were you doing!? Why didn't I notice what was right in front of my nose! It's actually embarrassing....

With a Name like mine: "O'Brien" (...meaning: "Grandson of Brian" indicating that I am a descendant of Brian Brou) I guess I should have known that Killaloe was the birthplace of Ireland's famous High King, Brian Boru. He ruled from Kincora, which is believed to have been in modern day Killaloe.


James G. O'Brien in the driveway at 7 Drew Street
circa 1937?

...still, when you stop and think, its pretty cool!!!

'cause that means that my Dad: James Gilmour O'Brien was the result of a marriage (...Literally...) of Killaloo and Killaloe!