Wednesday, April 23, 2008

God Gives "The High 5 Sign!"

I haven't posted for awhile.... been working on the Burn's side of the family tree for me Mum for Mother's day. Added somewhere between 50 and 75 new ancestor's over the course of the past week! It's been fun but I haven't gotten much sleep....

After a full day of work and a cup of coffee for dinner, I was up at the High School with Brandon for Boy Scouts when I walked outside to call Dawn.

Thats when I saw this hovering in the sky....

Ok, so it spread out a little by the time I remembered I had a Camera-phone, but it sure looks like God Givin' the High 5 to me!!!

Yeah, I know, we all find our affirmations where we are looking for them... But "Hey!" It was just what I needed after a long week without sleep! I'm just glad I had the phone to prove to myself I wasn't seeing things... I wasn't was I?

Who knows, I suppose you could even say he was waving:

"Hello! Mark, remember me? I'm still here...

(OK, OK, least I didn't see the Virgin Mary in a Bathtub!)


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