Monday, March 30, 2009


With the advent and proliferation of smaller devices with which this blog may be viewed, and in anticipation of some upcoming image heavy content on my Easter Post Card blog (yeah this is a plug...) after this week I will begin to archive on a daily basis. I have found that Phones and Internet IPODs trunkate and or take forever to load the weekly content. In defferance to the march of Technology and with a wish to increase the availability I am bowing to the masses. The search feature in the Nav Bar at the top of this blog will enable anyone to find items of interest previously posted by title. The Achive list in the Side Bar will enable searching by date of post. Thanks for being understanding.

The threat of the most recent worm will keep me from posting on April Fools Day. See you on the 2nd. Maybe....

The Pneumatic Thoughtforms Future's Project will soon close out subscriptions as the halfway mark has been reached and we anticpate the purchase of supplies and equiptment so that I can begin to produce Etched Glass Sculptured Poems! My bedroom is soon to be transformed into a Working Studio! It will be a little cramped but I think I can take it. Thank You All for your support! In the mean time you may still contribute and become a "Patron of My Arts" simple by mailing to me or dropping off said support.

YEE-HA! I am shuddering in antisipation and I can't wait to get to work!