Saturday, April 18, 2009

"The Holy Fool" takes a vacation part one....

I separated my vacation by my passions. The first part was devoted to Art. Viewing, absorbing, creating, and preforming. I drove over the Taconic Mountians to Massachusetts along Rte 2 out of Troy N.Y. into Williamstown via the scenic.

As I went I stopped when I felt like it, climbed when I felt like it, and I took pictures everywhere. I listened to "The Boss" most of the time "Working on a Dream" and sometimes I just listened to the radio.

It turns out the "Toulouse-Lautrec and Paris" show at the Clark was not the reason to visit Williamstown though. There is always something unique and and at times disturbing at the Williams Collage Museum. Disturbing was a photographic documentary of the ordinary and absurd.

I was relieved and elated when I entered the next room to find short, minimalistic videos. Videos that told small poignant story's. I was enwrapped and raptured! By the time I got to the Travelodge I had words and pictures running through my mind at Warp-speed. I never even got into my sleeping bag until 3 a.m.

What follows is what sprang from the mind. I still haven't fully comprehended the portent of how "less is more" will work in my overall Artist Vision but I am REALLY EXCITED!

(I am Irish after all and I know my "Less is more" can be hard to control...)

Also availabe for viewing on my Youtube Channel: Videobeedude!

It bothers me that Youtube doesn't offer more choices and controls over the thumbnails that end up being displayed on the videos. The one on this one is not what I would have preferred. The other two choices gave away to much so I was forced to settle for what you see here. Maybe I will splurge and by a Mac with my Tax-money.

I do however find the unpolished quality of the videos to be more painterly, less slick and more characterized by the color rather than line, shapes and structure. This should get interesting....


I gathered a ton of Genealogical data on the O'Brien's during the second half of my visit. Not enough to nail things to the floor, but enough to get some dirt between my fingernails. "The Holy Fool" walked through some closed doors with a smile and knocked on some he probably shouldn't have, but thats a story for the next post....

(...Maps and documents included...)