Friday, August 7, 2009

Mary of the Gaul's....

At the last meeting of the EOTNP, or maybe it was the meeting before that, we decided to each bring in an object and distribute them around the table to see how it would affect a poem. I was given to choose a broach of "Saint Brigid's Cross".

Brigid, was also known as Mary of the Gaul’s.

As my Mom was a collector of Crosses from around the world; I am quite familiar with this one. In fact I think Mom may have even had her own version of this broach. This is the poem that the broach affected:

There is a sight I must have looked:

I was thinking now
of how you asked us each
to hold you
tiny in our arms

as I reach for the phone
to call you
holding St. Brigid’s cross
tiny in my hand.