Sunday, December 7, 2008

Orienteering the Glebe Home....

Killaloo Townland circa 1840, showing Alexander Gilmour's tenancy
along what was then the Oughgath Road,
before the A-6 bisected the center of the Townland.

O.K., so I' don't sound like Walter Cronkite, and I need to stop choking up on the Mic... The next one shouldn't take quite as long and I hope it will be more fun to make as well. This one was fun yet frustrating in a challenging sort of way.

But, I finally managed to do it! I still have some problems with recording issues and managing the soundtrack to perfect, but I think I did a passable job with my skill level. We upgraded our Ram and I tweaked all the settings in the program as much as I can tweak; saved after EVERY change (whether minor or major) and here you have it...

Writing dialog, dubbing narration, doing animation and editing without a million dollar studio... Who would have thought it possible even 20 years ago! It's romantic to dream of living in the past but I love living in this future! Even if I don't yet own a Jet-pak or live in the sky like George Jetson...