Thursday, February 19, 2009

I was cute once... no really!

Will you leave

a beautiful ghost for your grand children

to find on a summers day

can they come to know you

by the mellabotha's* your children say

can you then paint a picture

of your heart with words for them to see

the beautiful ghost left

when you burned out brightly

at both ends of the wick

that was your life left

at the bottom of a shoebox

filled with Kodachrome and light?



*A "mellabotha" is my Nana's nonsense word for something made from nothing for the purpose of piecing something together. Akin to a "Cob-job".


We all carry around at least one picture of ourselves inside. The one that no matter what happens we still feel is US. We grow up, get married, have kids, divorce, etc, and when we think of ourselves we picture ourselves in a certain way. I know when I think of myself as a young adult I think of myself in a mock discus pose that my ex took while I was posed atop a pedestal at the Empire State Mall. When I think of myself as a youth I see myself with my Cat "Ged" perched atop my shoulder playing with my shoulder length "Hippie-hair".

When I think of myself as a kid, well, as a "Cute" kid this is what I see in my mind:

OMG! That kid is so cute "I could just PUKE!" What happened between then and now?



Give the Man a Cigar!

Andy pointed out something I thaught was the case at first also....

When I first saw the original of this photo I thought my Great Grand Father had a "Handlebar Moustache". I guess my unconscious mind said: "He has a "Bowler Hat" that must be a Handlebar Moustache too...

John Joseph Burns (circa 1908)

So here is a enhanced closeup that shows that not to be the case. It is in fact a Cigar.