Friday, December 12, 2008

...Being Happy all the time CAN REALLY PISS SOME PEOPLE OFF!...

I've always been happy for the most part. Optimism is what has carried me through much of the hard times in my life. I seem to be able to fall on my face and pick myself up with a smile and say: "...I meant to do that!..."


I've said it before, I'm the person who people hide from first the thing in the morning before they have their first cup of coffee because: "I'm so chipper!"

Apparently since I came back from Ireland I have been unbearably happy! More than once in the past few weeks someone has frowned at me and said:

"...don't you ever turn off?" "How do you do it?" "You're driving me crazy!"


As anyone who works in Retail knows, in America, in most stores, Christmas Carols begin at 12 midnight Thanksgiving night. After all the Turkey is absorbed, when you are still drugged up on the mythological "Tryptophan"... BANG! They hit you with five versions of "Santa Baby" and the latest Plop-Star's version of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Wino!"

The next thing you know, it's "Off we go!" 8 Hour's a day! ...on a 28 day Magical Misery Marathon Tour of Christmas Cheer!

By the time we make it to Christmas Eve with a screeching HALT! ...THE DREADED HUMMING BUG has bummed you and everyone who works in the Store out!

(...Well, almost everyone that is...)

You see, some of us come prepared to the FUNHOUSE! Some of us even belong to the FUNHOUSE on purpose! We enjoy belonging so much that we bought season tickets for life intentionally!

Here is my Membership Card, believe it or not, I ware it on my head:

I call this one: "Frosted the Snowman!"

AND... I have more than one too!

This one is "Rudolph-O'dúid~"

Most times he's simply referred to as "Rude-ee!"

"Whats up hot-stuff! ...Can I guide your sleigh tonight?"
"...Wanna see if you can make my nose light up?"

...Now you know why he's referred to as "Rude-ee!"


(...2 degrees in Art and what do I do? ...I make Silly Hats! ...Go figure!)


There is this old curmudgeon who comes into the store every day. When I see him I greet him with: "How are you doin' today! ...are you having a good day?" Invariably he responds with: "Lousy! ..I'm having a rotten day." or something derogatory like that.

Today I made my normal chipper greeting, something like: "How's life treatin' you pal?" ... but today was different. Today he looked me right in the eye and said: "Why do you always ask me that Mark?" To which I responded: "Well Pal, I know that you're a bit of a pessimist, and I have always been an optimist, so I just naturally believe that one of these days you are going say: "I'm Happy! Life is Good!" ...and it will make my day!"

...and again he looks me right in the eye's and deadpan as you please he says:

" why would I want to do that, it would ruin my day..."

I was dumbfounded. On the one hand it was one of the funniest things he had ever said! On the other it was one of the saddest....

Then he winks, and cracks a smile!


"...I may never turn off!" "...I don't know how I do it!" "...and I just love driving you all crazy!"

"...Some days being happy all the time makes me even happier still!!!!"


...and you know, you might not admit it, but thats what you love about me! isn't it?!