Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Batteries and Memory Cards showed up for the camera today!

16 Gigs per card! ...and I remember back in the Dark Ages when the first hard disk for our Compugraphic Typesetter had 1Meg!

...We didn't know how in the world we were ever going to use up that much space....


Yesterday I received an E-mail out of the blue filled with potentially important information from a Gilmour descendant who has been there and done what we are about to embark upon...We will as a result, be more than likely making a detour to Belfast.


Bags are being packed!

....and days are being counted!


At 12:00 p.m. this evening the number will be:

Days left to Liftoff!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Lord's way of paving the way to Ireland!

14 days, 7 hours and 10 minutes to take off!

...but who's counting...

I don't know how it happened but all the decks have been cleared.

Everything that needed to be resolved in some way that I can live with, has somehow taken care of itself.

(...well almost everything... ...yeah, there are some things that I won't discuss here I intend to sort out at a later date, but nothing pressing or pressuring...)

The only things I have to do between now and then is pack, organize and count the days!

Thank-you Lord!


I did what the Doctor ordered. I bought $40.00 "Orthopedic Support Hose".

Alright, alright, I know they remind me of my Grandmother, and I kinda feel alittle girlie when I put them on, but there is a history of blood clots in the family and the last thing I want is to spend time in a hospital when I finally get to Ireland after waiting all my life to go! Word is that for every hour in the air, I have to ware them a comparable hour on the ground when I land. That of course means that I will be waring "hose" for close to 24 hours. Under my jeans of course so no-one will notice. ;)

...the secrets out now!


P.S., P.S.: ...Please don't forget to vote in the "What should we name Our Micro-Beer Poll! Just click a radio button at random if you can't make up your mind. (Think of it as voting for a 3rd Party Candidate that you wish was eligible but not on the ballot...) Come on, you don't want it to be named "Jolly Janitor" by default do you? Only 27 days left to vote!

Monday, September 15, 2008

"Don't worry, I've got plans..."

This summer my son Devin decided to try his hand at keeping Bee's. From one hive he yielded 20 - 20oz. jars of Honey. About 30 lbs of golden raw Honey!

"What were we going to do with all this Honey?"
I said...

"Don't worry, I've got plans..."
was what he said back to me.

Last week he came home with a beer making kit. The next thing I know my kitchen is being taken over... We are now in the process of making "Honey-Ale" and "Honey-Mead".

"O.K." I said, "If you're going to use my kitchen as a Micro Brewery, I am going to get something in return...."

He said.
"In return for the use of my kitchen, well, obviously I get some of the yield right?"

"Yeah, sure thats a given."
he said.
"Well I also want to Name the Beer and design the Label too!"

"Ahh, sure alright..."


So here are some of the names that have been suggested so far:

1- Jolly Janitor Honey Ale.
2- Unemployed Super Hero Ale.
3- Tired Irish Poet Honey-Ale.
4- Ol' Watershed Brew.
5- Perious Frink's Honey Drink.
6- Ugly Puppy Honey-Ale.
7- Devolutionary Honey-Beer.
8- Rabid Octopus Honey-Ale.
9- Retired Grocery Clerk Honey-Ale.
10- Girlie-Girl Honey-Beer.
11- Deaf bookkeepers Honey-Brew.
12- Belching Beauty Queen Honey-Ale.
13- Miniature Irish Poet Honey-Ale.
14- Martha Washington's Executive Assistant Honey-Ale.
15- Bankrupt Plumber Honey-Ale.

and last but not least:

16- O'Beez Raw Honey-Ale.


So I decided that I can't decided!

And... I want your input!

To that end I have taken advantage of the Polling Gadget in the Sidebar.

The Poll will be open until I return from Ireland on the 22nd of October. At which time the beer should be ready for sampling to celebrate our triumphant return home!

Vote often and Vote more than once!
It's the American way!

...er... well it used to be....

(My money is on the Tired Irish Poet...)