Saturday, June 30, 2007

"Jaimerty Moses Al!"

Asymmetry for the Devil:

Wust God gein man tha will til choose

Free weel yis Gods weel, he maun approve

God alane yis munificent, 'at's guid news!

The Deil is nae benevolent

The Deil's obleegement 's boot ay ruse

evil, hairmful an malevolent.

Diobolus, His infernal Majesty

Loki, Lotan, Lord of Hades

Mortus, Mot, Mephistopheles'

these "Nick" names

fae the are etymologically

in practice tha same

Dae these articulate nobility?

Cal him whather ye may

but friend ye will rue a day

ye utter his rail name

a yin noo haud him at bay

weel be yer endgame

Sae thanket God, frae Dielment

an ect o haimless entertainment

tell the Diel ye hae naethin behint it!

an' whan aa is sae an' daen

Tis God ye choos'et, tha Deil loos'et!

there's naw nae ither wie roon.



I realize that this poem is pretty much a theological rant which I try to avoid and tend to abhor, but thats the way it was going and I decided to let it go that way for the sake of the direction it seemed to be taking on its own. I am having a very hard time thinking English, Writing Ulster-Scot, Rhyming aaabab and using 444242 meter at the same time

I can read the Hamley Toungue fairly well now, but can't write it fluently enough to feel proficient. Everything feels filled with grammatical errors, but having no-one who knows better to sound board for correctness the learning curve is steep.