Friday, April 10, 2009

More Post Cards from my Great Aunt Anne Gilmour; and "A little Easter Story"...

Sometimes we just know when something is right. We can feel it. Even when others are not convinced, we hear an inner voice and know its just a matter of time until our dreams and goals will be realized. It may not happen overnight, it may take years, but somehow we have faith.

The time thing is the hard part. It has taken most of my life to understand the meaning of the word "Patience". Sometimes it may even take 99 years like these Post Cards, and guess what... They were just as right 99 years ago as they are now.

Sometimes we see things and know that they were meant to happen; as you see them happen. Last night at our Upper-room Service, Pastor Brian began the Service by lighting the Christ-Candle in the center of a formation of tables arranged to form a cross. He then moved it to an empty seat and indicated that this was to signify that Christ was seated here in the room with us.

A little while later, a friend of mine showed up 5 mins late and sat where the Christ-Candle had been placed. Afterwards she said to me: "Gosh, why didn't someone say something to me..." I responded: "Thats all right, don't worry about it, was meant to be." I just knew it was right as I watched it happen.

Call it providence, call it what ever you like, here is my take on it: We never know when we will come to the table and unknowingly be seated as Christ.

Of anyone I have known in my life, who would be capable of sitting in Christ's seat and embodying his essence, it would be her.

"...and those who were ready went into the banquet..."

Happy Easter!