Sunday, June 15, 2008

"...I've lost the last day and a half...."

It's Sunday... Father's Day... I was writing a letter yesterday to Alan McKinny in Killaloo when I found this site:

Click to visit Site.
The Sites PR states:

"A virtual prelude to the real world experience that awaits you!

Welcome to, a new internet portal that showcases the best that Northern Ireland has to offer using stunning full-screen, high-resolution immersive video photography.

The keystone of the iSpy concept is the virtual tour or immersive photograph as we prefer to call it - fullscreen 360-degree photographic panoramas, which allow the user to pan left, right, up and down - a far superior format than the standard photograph as it gives the viewer a real sense of actually 'being there'.

Our Mission is to provide the most immersive and engaging experience of Northern Ireland's tourism assets on the web, bringing the real world to people's desktop across the globe.

No 3D modeled environments, no frills, no lies. See exactly what our photographers saw. Stand where they stood and discover places you may never have seen by traveling through space and time without moving from your desktop."


The best VRs actually have the sound of water running and birds singing! Try the Roe valley ones in Full Screen Mode.

My favorite is "Downstream at Carrickrocks, Roe Valley Country Park."

(Careful... You can get dizzy in full screen if you spin around to quickly...)


I've lost the last day and a half!!!

I can't wait for October!