Sunday, July 1, 2007

That Light bulb thingie....

So, the process of mapping out the Geograph photos caused the Light bulb to go on over my head when I was in bed this weekend with a fever of 103....

Whether from food poisoning, or the flu. ( and I of course having only recently watched a documentary, on the influenza epidemics of the late 1890s and early 1900s, that may or may not have caused some of the deaths of my emigrated ancestors....)

So you can guess what was going through my mind:

..."Amazing Grace on the Bagpipes"....

Paying the piper in my nightmares so to speak !

...but I digress....

I guess because I have had the Handwritten Marriage Certificate from my ggGrandfather and ggGrandmother in hand:

As well as Robert's Certificate of membership in the Loyal Orange Lodge # 621:

...that met, I believe I read, somewhere along the line of my research, in the Presbyterian "Meeting House". (Which is what they apparently called the "Barn Style Stone Church" according to the 1840s Ordnance Survey Map.)

I was a little predisposed to believe, that they lived and worked on Glebe land, that was somehow attached to the Presbyterian Church er, Meeting House I mean....

Well, as the process of unearthing the unknown sometimes goes, our predispositions often become repositioned.

So, back to that Light bulb thingie: Even with the Map that I bought for myself as a Birthday gift to myself, back in March from, I didn't guess that they might have been residing on the Glebe lands belonging to the Cumber Church of Ireland!

Cumber Church of Ireland.
Derry & Raphoe is the Diocese which Cumber parish is in.

It was the process of plotting out the map for the earlier blog about Geographing, that clicked the tumblers into place... Duh!

I feel like such a "dafty"!

Which leads me to speculate, as to whether or not this played into the fact that they emigrated as late as they did. (Not as early as Mary's family, who came in 46, during the worst of the famine years.) As workers, or employees, of the Church of Ireland, which received Tithe monies from all persons regardless of denomination, might they therefore have been somewhat insulated as to the effects of the problems effecting the rest of the population?

...its a theory anyway... One that is subject to future Light bulbs, and repositioning of dispositions.