Monday, November 3, 2008

...hours of FUN!

Well as this post attests I am finally up and running again. No thanks to Verizon. They apparently reset the main password to a secondary account... It took painstaking hours of FUN online with a Techie (who actually spoke English this time) to sort things out. UGH!


Downtime has had its advantages though.... I have been doing much needed reading. Here is a Satori that accrued over the weekend:

In a stack of discarded books about Ireland that BV gave me I found these entries in a book entitled Irish Family Names, Arms, Origins and Locations by Brian de Breffny:

This surname, with its less common variant
Gilmour, can derive either from the Irish Mac
Giolla Mhuire or Mac Giolla Mhir. It was
brought to Ulster, where it is commonest
settelers from Scotland, where the name exists
with the same Gaelic origin.

...see Lesley, your Irish ancestors were Scotish after all!...

And then of course I found this on the same page:

Glynn families descend usually from the Mag
Fhloinn sept which had its territory in Co.
Roscommon, near Athlone, although
a small minority may descend from Welch
settlers who
quite separately brought the
Welch surname
Glyn(n) from Wales. The Irish
family name is preserved also in the name
of a Co. Roscommon lake and town of Loughglynn,
a region where Glynn families still reside.

So I read this and the Light bulb went OFF!

We are Ulster-Welch as well as Ulster-Scot?!


"How's 'bout ye!"