Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What I meant to do this week....

The Taxes were done yesterday.

I meant to get up this morning and GO GO GO!

I meant to grab my gear, get in the car, head for Massachusetts for a couple of days to visit some stuff... (National Archives, Clark Museum, Williams College Museum and MASSMOCA.)

I really want to see the "Toulouse-Lautrec and Paris" show at the Clark. It will be my present to myself.


I planned to track down my Father's cousins. I know that they are his cousins (I have stories and proof to some degree) but I cant make the connection through Census data. I have managed to build a complete family tree back to 1870 but I can't connect them in this country. Its that whole Famine thing mixed up with less specific data the farther you go back.

I know where they lived so I can at least take some pictures and visit the Saint Josephs Cemetery gravestones. Maybe I'll even get a phone book and try making some phone calls if I feel brave.


Any way...

I overslept.

I couldn't find my sleeping bag 'cause it was in Devin's truck.

(There are no Campgrounds open yet and I won't sleep on a Hotel Bed since I saw that "Dateline" thing with the infrared pictures of Body-fluids and the Bedbugs...)

Instead, I got up late and read a book on the couch.

It's my vacation after all.

Then I realized that I was meant to spend the day hanging out with my daughter.

Everything else can wait until tomorrow...