Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Greetings 2008!

Me, Sarah /Jimmy and Devin.

Merry Christmas
from Our Clan to yours!

I received a Christmas gift today from the Reid Family: Proprietors of Greenmount Lodge!

A transcription of the Poem "Greenmount Smiling Annie" that hangs in their Common Room. The poem is as I understand it anonymously attributed. I share it with you here with all due respect. An authentic slice of life based (as I was told) on real events from the 18th Century in which the Squires son James fell hopelessly in love with a Servant Girl.

Greenmount Smiling Ann

On a summer day, when flowers were gay,

Beneath the sun’s bright beam,

Near to a grove, where lovers rove,

Beside yon silver stream;

There gently strayed a lovely maid,

Her beauty rich to scan:

A maiden fair beyond compare,

Sweet Greenmount Smiling Ann.

Her hair, so fine, waved in the wind

In ringlets bright as gold;

Her figure neat and smile so sweet,

Were charming to behold.

Her lovely eyes might well entice

The heart of any man,

Who gazed upon that matchless one

Called Greenmount Smiling Ann.

The wee birds sang, the woodlands rang,

As she strolled slowly on;

The trees o’erhead, their green leaves spread,

To shield her from the sun,

All nature there was rich and rare,

And beauty o’er it ran;

But the fairest in that lovely bower,

Was Greenmount Smiling Ann.

When the grove she neared a lad appeared:

The old squire’s son;

A charming lad, his smile so sad,

As he greets this lovely one.

For the squire had sworn he would disown

His son from wealth and lan,

If he would decide to make his bride

The Greenmount Smiling Ann.

“O Jamie dear! When you are near,

You’re all the world to me;

But your father’s vow will not allow

That I your bride may be.

Your birch is high, low rank have I,

Yet love e’ermore I can;

I’ll not consent to yur punishment”,

Signed Greenmount Smiling Ann.

“Ah dearest Ann! Look no so wan,

Consent to be my bride;

I love but you, and I’ll be true

Till death doth us divide.

Your love to me more sweet will be

Than rank, or wealth, or lan”.

He gently presses her to his breast –

His Greenmount Smiling Ann.

“I’ll toil for you, I’ll never rue,

For I my love adore;

The world is wide, and whate’er betide,

I’ll cling to you evermore.

We’ll sail away to Amerikay,

And scorn this cruel ban”.

She gave consent, and off he went,

With Greenmount Smiling Ann.


Merry! Merry! Merry!