Monday, April 6, 2009

Then the adrenaline wore off...

When I got home from my walk the sun came out. I opened up the curtains and sat down on the couch. Then the adrenaline wore off... WHOMP! ...the next thing I knew it was dark out....

The O'Brien Crest.
(My older brother's made this shield for a Cub Scout project in the 50's)

Before I feel asleep I was reading "Lion of Ireland" by Morgan Llewellyn. I drifted off when "Brien Boru" was involved in a conversation with his Spear Carrier Padriac:

"...I have no kingdom to give my heirs, so I must give them something else; something of more value, perhaps."

" that my children will remember me, not only as their sire, but as a source of pride to be handed down to their children's children."

"...The books I study, the lessons I set for myself to learn--they are part of something I am building piece by piece. Each bit of it must fit perfectly with the others."

"How will you know when it does?" Padraic asked.

"...In the same way a singer knows he has sung the right note, or a harper knows to touch the strings that create a chord that feeds his soul. I know thats all."

Yeah, that struck a chord all right! Brian was talking about an empire of course; I didn't take it that way. Nevertheless, it went straight to my creative soul! ...and It made for some crazy creative building dreams!

I love it when that happens!