Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things I have absorbed from my "Learning experiences..."

I am an inherently happy person.
Being 99% happy can be undermined by 1% negativity.
I can spend an entire weekend listing my blessings.
I don't blend well with negative people even though I empathize with them.
An addict will never recover if he/she persists in surrounding him/her self with addicts.
Even if you love/empathize with an addict they have to heal themselves.
You can be addicted to a person/idea/concept/ideal/dream.
The first step to health may be abandoning the ones that you love to their own negativity/addictions.
Well-being can be lonely way of life.
Healthy laughter can be a joyous release!
Love for my fellow man and a few hours of good conversation with friends who really love you for what/who you are and not what they think you should be can begin to heal the deepest wounds.
Faith and positive outlook is everything.
"Learning experiences" are in the eye of the beholder.