Monday, February 16, 2009

"What was I thinking?!!"

Postcard of "John Joseph Burns" and "Casper Burns" in a Model T.

This is a picture of my Great Grand Father John Joseph Burns with my Grand Uncle Casper Burns seated in a Model T. (circa 1908?) It is perhaps the only known photo of my Great Grand Father and was printed as a Post Card, we think it was taken at Coney Island.

If you look closely you can see he has a Cigar in his mouth. It seems that he died mysteriously and we are not really sure what his cause of death was. Most of the stories elude to alcohol, nothing is definitive. All I know is this shows he was a smoker too.


On Wednesday it will be 6 weeks since I quit smoking. The plan is to be in shape to hike the "Patowmack" tow-path this summer so I have also been planning to walk my old route around the "Ville" to get in shape as soon as it gets consistently warm enough.

I've done this before so I really don't think of it as a big deal. When I reach the 6 month mark I may just celebrate in some way. The only thing I really miss is my friends at work on the Smoking Dock....

The "Freezing My **s Off" on a cold winter's day I do not miss!


Last night I had a row with Sarah that I realized was not going anywhere and since she wouldn't give up and walk away I did. I put my Hoodie on, my "Polamalu" Jersey on over that, and topped that with my Jacket. I stuffed a few Stop Smoking Nicotine Lozenges in my pocket and off I went into the night!

I walk somewhere between a fast walk and a brisk run so it wasn't until around Mile 4 that I realized I had left my Gloves at home.

...and so I said to the night sky: "What we-er-ere yoo-oou th-th-th-inking!"

When I got home I took a Shower and grabbed "1921" by Morgan Llywelyn and went to bed.

...after Sarah and I made-up of course...


It's the next day now. I'm in the nice warm house. I'm thinking I'm tired and the walking can wait a little.

The forecast for the next few days is for Snow, I know what I'm thinking now:

"I think I'll celebrate that with a shower and a good book before bed!!!"