Thursday, March 19, 2009

...back to My Great Aunt

The Letters and Post Cards of my Great Aunt Anne (sometimes spelled: Anna) Jane Gilmour contain a number of romances. She was the only one who never married. Some romances were tragic. Some requited. Some torrid! Some with underlining mystery and confusion between the lines...

Anne Jane Gilmour

Anyway, the following poem was originally inspired by some of them while I was simultaneously reading "Twenty Years A-Growing."

Some of you have seen this poem, some have not. It was well received so I am posting here with its connecting impetus.

The Posts Cards are in the first person so this poem is as well. This is my own imaginings of what was going on and not at all to do with what may or may not have happened.

After gathering in sheets:

I search for you

in every woman's face

It is well I remember

ever you went along

I look for you

in every woman's eye


It is a long while ago,

when you would be

set down at your ease finally

gathering yourself to rest

With another glance,

you spat into the wind


I left that day

the scent of linen behind

looking for the twitch of your eye

the henna in your hair

It was true for me then

Putting no lie on it.