Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Incurable romantic and eternal optimist; thats me!

bRAINdrop bOOkbENDERs goes way back. Back to the early 80s when I made my first chapbook on a copier at collage. Before I ever heard of pagination even though I had been doing it for some time. Before "Desk-Top-Publishing" had a desktop.

Since we were our own publishers we figured we needed a name. Friends began using "Zirlinson" an amalgamation of their three names. I printed up Biz cards and we were legit. People sent us stuff in the mail like we were bigtime. (...little did they know...)

Then we all got Macs and the rest mystery....

My own Logo has served its propose over the years, and it was fun to do the "Python" treatment on it, but I feel its not quite appropriate for some of the Videoms I am currently working on.

Last night I came up with something I think is fitting with the new direction and with the exception of certain things that bRAINdrop bOOkENDERs would be suited to I will be henceforth using the following clip at the end of all my Videoms.

So this is the Roll-out. The Premier! Dut-tah-da-da!

(...I posted straight to Blogger so it won't show on my Youtube channel.
You will have to use the controls at the bottom of this player to get it to work . It may be only 14 seconds long but it was a lot of work.
Thats how we learn after all...)

I know I should have searched the net to see if someone already has the name but the Artwork/photo of my Grandmother Sarah Gilmour O'Brien is definatly mine and mine alone I'm sure. There is a website name available for sale and it might even be copyrighted already but HEY! ...If thats a problem I'll just have to create a new one.

I spent much of the last night dubbing and overdubbing my voice and I like the results. I almost sound like I could sing if I hadn't smoked during the formative years of my voice.

...well... I looked and this may be the only time I get to use this so enjoy it while you can for what its worth.

...Guess I'll just have to be more creative!

"I can do that!"