Saturday, April 12, 2008

What the...? a Quinquagenarian?

A few weeks ago, I was wondering... well, if you call someone who is Eighty years old an Octogenarian; what would you call me?

Someone in his or her "Fifty's" as it were.

So, I looked it up. Then I tried to pronounce it.... ("!") Then I had the Computer pronounce it instead. Then I walked around the house muttering it to myself for a few hours and I still could not pronounce it!

This was when I realized that the reason I had never heard of the word before; was because if you can't say it; you forgot it!

A few years ago when I tried to stop swearing I inserted "ARRRGH!" for the expletive.

For my "Fiftieth" this year my Daughter knitted me the Jolly Roger Sweater you will soon see in this video.

Because sometimes, I still lapse into the "Pirate Voice" around the house...

( I really admitting this in public?!)

...muttering to myself in the "Pirate Voice"

I managed to say it!

And here I am at the "Poetry-Pot-Luck-Luncheon-for-Voorhees -villian-Old-Fart-Poets" trying to popularize this silly word:


Dennis says I have found My Calling and my Future Vocation!

(...well, maybe with a lotta practice and a good Agent.... )


...I also posted it on

(...somehow I don't think the word "Quinquagenarian" is going to go "Viral" as they say....)