Sunday, July 27, 2008

"SUNDAY FOUR" with featured reader Arther Willis.

Today I attended "SUNDAY FOUR" (the fourth Sunday of every month) OPEN MIC at The Old Songs building (37 South Main Street) with featured reader Arther Willis today.

As always Art impressed me and inspired me. When I returned home, I was in a meditative state induced by his poems, to find a present for me on the steps of the Laundromat I manage.

As I cleaned up the mess, I remained in the creative trance as I worked. I couldn't help but respond with what I will humbly and respectfully term: Willisian observation.

After Art read and while the Poets drank at the Pub:

I scrubbed the Sun off of the steps today because

it was being tracked into the store on the carpet.

Who ever heard of a pink Sun anyway…

A gallon of water and some pine-sol did the trick

on him and his companion as well.

A shop broom lifted them up from the cement

and made them bleed down the stairs

violet pink blood.

The carpet is old and worn,

the children were busy

and it was only chalk.

"We have some Modern Art on the steps today…"

said the landlord sarcastically.

I wouldn't have minded except I'm the janitor

and bound to clean the tired old carpet

by arrangement.

"What you do?" said the local color.

"Sweeping up the Sun…" said I.