Saturday, April 25, 2009

Poetry for Brunch. Mmmmm!

If you don't have technical difficulties that is. Today I had glitches. I got zapped when I plugged in. All of my settings were changed. The new settings were incompatible with Tom's projector. We messed around for quite a while and then the Reference Librarian came to the rescue! She hooked us up with a Library Laptop and plugged us into the built-in projection system on site. Very Cool! Next time, I'll show up a few days ahead of time and practice with the system. It was a little weird moving around on a giant screen 20ft away and at an extreme side angle.

I played the "Yeats/Gonne" VideO'em but I still feel it is unfinished so I will save posting it for when it's "Ready."

Last night I sat up working on this one. Until 3 a.m. I also made it to work on-time at 7a.m. The things I won't do for my Art....

I feel it approaches most closely where I want to go with this form. Low-High-Tech. Short. Painterly.

I am very happy with it!



  1. I believe it is called future primitive aesthetic

    or at least that's what I heard it called
    a few years ago

    on the dull edge of technology

    Regards, Alan Casline

  2. hmmmm. That could describe it. Yes.

    I'm dull with that.

    (See spot. See spot stop. Stop spot stop!)'s Alan's real link address:

  3. I love this.