Friday, April 24, 2009

GREAT NEWS!!! I'm selfish with my Germs!

I decided that my germs were too awesome to share last night. I just had to be selfish and keep them to myself! I stayed home and rented a romantic comedy and vegged on the couch. It was quirky, independent and YEAH, I admit it. I loved it. I'm gonna make someone a great girlfriend someday. I'm a real man and I even like quiche. Well, sometimes. (...the sensitive type don't you know....)

I decided to go with what I have come up with for the Brunch tomorrow as far as my latest VidO'em. Nothing a little tweaking can't fix. Debut at the Brunch, I'll Post it here sometime in the future.

I couldn't stand to stay home from work for one more day so I did go to work. (Covered my hands with rubber gloves at all times and Alcohol wipes every time I touched something.) S.O.P. anyway.

I am really glad I went to work actually, I love the first few warm days of the summer when all of the BEAUTIFUL Women come into the store in their almost clothes. ( know what mean.)


I have yet to find my voice again, but I'm on the trail.

HEY! GUESS WHAT! The Taxes POPPED! I JUST ORDERED MY GLASS ETCHING EQUIPMENT! It should be here the beginning of next week! I am SO PSYCHED!

Special kudos to all my "The Pneumatic Thoughtforms Future's Project" subscribers. YOU'RE THE BESTIST! (See the Top of the sidebar>) Updates, documentation of the creation of works and the results to appear here SOON.

If things turn out even half as cool as they are in my head this should be ground breaking and maybe even profitable. Whoe! ...Making money from my Art without selling out! What a concept....


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