Wednesday, July 9, 2008

...What I did on my summer vacation....


The thing we forget about genealogy is: DIEING SUCKs!


We had to put Sarah's cat down today. (Who am I kidding, she slept on my shoulder every night...)

"Mooshee" watched me today, as she always did, making a box out on the back deck. I have been building flower boxes for years from old asparagus box staves. The descendant of Box makers and Coopers; who now believes in genetic memory.

Today I built a Coffin. (Yeah bIRD, theres the "Coffin" connection too.)

It was kinda creepy I'll admit, but she was content to be with me as always while I built it. I couldn't just dump her in a shoe box; even though my Conklins and Glenns were Shoemakers.


From now on when some one asks me for a definition for "Surreal" I will have to answer: "Calling around for price quotes to kill your cat." Unpleasant, but advisable in todays take advantage of peoples emotions to get at their wallet world. (Prices ranged from $60.00 no frills, to $259.00 private cremation and etc....)

Sarah and I brought her to a Veterinary Hospital nearby. We were able to be there to hold her paw and cry together when she passed. Then I placed her in the casket, wrapped in her bed towel and nailed the lid on. Medium price: $139.00.


We went to Mom's house and dug a grave out back under some sodded shamrocks.

After we said some prayers, we went into the house just as the sky opened up and the rain poured down in buckets of tears....


On entering the house Mom handed me a copy of the Deed for the Conklin plot that my 3rd cousin Regina sent me from Middle Village NY. Its actually a transcript dated Oct. 13th 1894, and lists married names and indicates that only my mothers mom's father had issues.

(Click for larger view)

My Conklin ancestors were printers, generation upon generation. Hmmmm, imagine that, just like I was for 14 years and just as my brother Rich is today.


The thing about death is remembering. Remembering those who lived who made us who we are. Our siblings, our forefathers and foremothers, and even our pets.

"Mooshee" 09/july/08

You loved us well.

Rest comfortably in the Lap of the Lord.

...goodbye 'ol friend...

You will be remembered!



  1. Wow. Nice writing. Heart. Love.


    A biRD is an animal too

  2. Just in case anyone was wondering, her name came to us with her. She was adopted at about 5 years of age and we grew to like the name over time. As is often the case it fit her personality.

  3. I am sorry. Losing my Oliver was like losing one of the kids (sorry, kids). Animal lovers are special.

  4. Very moving, very powerful, Mark. I can't place it right now, but your story reminds me very much of a poem by John Updike that Thom sent me years ago...about a guy getting a burial spot ready for his dog. Tom will probably remember the title if you're interested.
    Your blog is excellent!! Mike B.

  5. Reading about Mooshee brought tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to you and Sarah. It's so hard to lose one's furry little friends. =^..^=