Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Doctor! You've parked the Tardis up against a fence! are we ever going to get out of here?

We made it home safe late last night; Jaffa Cakes and all...

The PuddleJumper from Boston was not fun... The Pilots up front were giggling as we drifted right and left, the right and left again. I was doing the "Our Father Mantra" from the moment we took off until the moment we touched down safely.


The Blackthorn Shillelagh that I brought back for Mom came in handy as we dragged our "lagged" butts from one end of the airport to the other weighted down with baggage and souvenirs...


In response to a comment left while I was en route and/or unable to connect to the net: bBird, I had intended to be less obscure but time and internet was limited. Also, you know perfectly well who the "Mystery Guest" is.... to let the rest of you in on some of it: The "Mystery Guest" sent me a note before I left which I post here:

I think those of you who know the "Mystery Guest" can make the connection here. ...but if I gave away his true secret super hero iDennisity he wouldn't be the Mystery Guest now would he... :)


With the exception of a few deliveries of Jaffa Cakes, I will be spending the next few days acclimating; then I intend to begin the travelogue that I had intended to write, before i realized the internet connections were going to be as sporadic as they were.


P.S.: Devo gave me my first tastie of "O'Beez Raw Honey-Ale" when I got home! " mmmm!

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  1. Welcome home!!! Can't wait for your travelogue.