Monday, October 20, 2008

"Sláinte Mhaith, Mystery Guest!"

We visited my establishment in D4 last night. I'll be handing out business cards. The guys who keep following around and smoking my Cigars were there too! (How did they know I was going there?) Even the "Mystery Guest" showed up and bought me a Guinness with a double shot of Paddy's on the side!

"Sláinte Mhaith, Mystery Guest!"


We saw the Book of Kells today and visited the Guinness Storehouse. I bought "Guinness the kitten" a Golf ball and I bought a Rubber Rugby Ball for "Duet the dogie" so they will have souvenirs too.


Believe it or not, we are ready to come home. I miss my own shower and my cold morning coffee with real cream. (...if theres one thing I can't stand its suspended whey...)


"If I could find a Tardis around here some place we would be home right now...."

"Ahhh, Doctor, which one is the Tardis?
...and how do we get back home?"

"How's 'bout ye!"


  1. Isn't the Tardis blue? Maybe that's your problem. ;o)

  2. Now you're totally obscure


    explain Mystery Guest?

    if you please

    Regards, bBird