Thursday, May 27, 2010

Out of synced....

The iPad has not been synced since we left last week and I think this my be causing problems here. I tried several times to post photos yesterday, here and on Facebook but it only resulted in fail messages.... Hope today goes better!
ARGH! Now BlogPress is failing to create new documents so I have had to do an end around by opening an old draft and modifying that!!! Oh well, here I goes again!!!!

Put your nose to the grindstone Mark, work harder!

Crossing the Shannondoah River watershed the hard way ....

What, you didn't think I could do it???

This is only a tree, no really, well actually it looks like a root taking a drink!

Hurry up! Take the picture before the guard sees you!

Maybe if you push hard enough you'll actually brt somewhere...


Location:E Market St,Leesburg,United States


  1. I can't seem to add the above link from my iPad so I will try to fix that from the Desktop later... Disconcerting that!!! :{(

  2. Fixed the link from the sad and lonely desktop... :(

  3. These comments are obviously from the draft I over wrote while trying to post from Leesburg Va. They are all that exsist of that initial post so I laeve them here in memory of what once was. Rest In Peace.

  4. brt some where!!!! Come-on!!!! I am not a happy blogger. :(

  5. Root drinking
    a rootdrinker