Wednesday, May 26, 2010

C&O part two...

We decided to forgo crossing today and followed James' route along the Potomac.
The next stop was Manocacy Aqueduct. James and Francis were stationed here before being sent to Edwards Ferry for theBattle of Balls Bluff. He was very impressed with the structure and I can see why. It was something of the 8th wonder in his day for construction and achievement.

We broke for lunch as soon as we arrived and this guy decided we might be on the menu! Devin was sitting where his head is and he only noticed him when he was about where his tail is!!!

In my estimation when he was fully stretched out he was somewhere between 5 and a half ft. and 6 ft. In length!!!
When lunch was over and we managed to remove ourselves from the menu we took in the site.

View from a distance as we approached.

From the Momocacy Riverbank looking Northwest.

Devin on the beginning of the Catwalk.

The Catwalk where Devin was standing.

Devin on the Catwalk above the River looking at something...

What Devin was looking at... Duh!

The Waterway, looking back the in the direction we came across.

If it were 1861 I would be up to my neck and treading water!
If you have been paying attention to the locations in the postings you will have noticed that we are now in Harpers Ferry. today we walk the streets of the town and vista the Arsenal. If we have time we should end up in Leesburg tomorrow night.
I'll try not to take so many pictures... NOT!


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Location:KOA Campgrounds Rd,Harpers Ferry,United States

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  1. Ok, I notice if you haven't the auto correct on this this is aggravating! It changes Caps, makes it's own words and YEAH, we are visiting Harpers Farry NOT vista -ing it!!!!!!! ARGH! My OCD is REALLY not liking this!!!!