Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pratt's Rocks: "A little Mountain Top Experience."

The Schoharie River from the lower Pratts Rock Trail.

I was originally going to post this yesterday on the 2nd, but I had to watch the final episode of "ER". (...Its dated the 2nd in the header but believe me today is the 3rd. Honest!)

I just had to see if "Carter" was going sort things out with his women or continue to tread water... As I have always identified with Carter of all the characters on the show, the fact that he was left still rudderless and unresolved, when all was said and done, does not look good for your's truly...


It was a beautiful sunny day yesterday and the forecast for the next few days was, and still is: for rain. One of the things I noticed was the brown all about me even if it was sunny. We need it to rain, if it's ever going to get green!

So I took advantage of the day! Here is what I wrote yesterday:


The thing about having Thursdays off is sometimes there is no-one around to do things with. It was SO NICE today I just couldn't stay home so I went for a drive through the "Irish Catskills". Durham, Cairo, and the vicinity.... I wandered through Conesville, Gilboa and even did a pass through "Potter Hallow".

I'm not really averse to going on Hiking trips alone but my kids are strongly disinclined. We compromise by my telling them when I do go, and leaving a printed Google Map on the Comp. before I leave.

My eventual sorta destination was Prattsville and Pratt's Rock.

Pratt's Rock and Prattsville has a very interesting history which you can read about by checking out the above link. Prattsville is also connected to the 20th NY State- Ulster Guard .

I don't want to get into a detailed trip log here so I am only going to put up a few of my best Pics. I took more than 100 shots and there are only 30 here so this is considerably winnowed down.

One of the reasons my kids would rather I don't hike by myself is they know me very well. Another reason is Devo has to deal with hikers like me on a regular basis. I do go prepared. I bring food, extra clothing and a first-aid kit most of the time. (sometimes I just forget 'cause I'm old...)

...Then theres that other thing I sometimes do....

Pratt's Rocks:

Picnic area from the Parking Lot.

This is a monument at the trail head in memory of the
Horses and Dogs who died during the creation of the carvings

The first Carved Bench with a Tree carved into it.

The Trail up to the Rocks.
At the first switchback.

Bench at the first Switchback.

An unintentional self portrait along the trail.

Looking up towards Pratt's Rocks.

Second Switchback.

Getting closer!

Third Switchback, almost there...

There! ...and another Stone Bench!

One of the famous carvings painted white
to protect them from the elements.

The 20th NY State- Ulster Guard emblem.
"This Hand is for My Country."

Pratt's Profile.

The Moon came out!


Oh yeah, that other thing:

I never made it to Pratt's Tomb...
...because I noticed this above the Carvings.

Rock strata as I climbed.

Part way up the climb.
(this is where my kids would begin to worry...)

More strata.

A close-up.

And another.

Are you worried yet?

A convenient place to build a nest.

A more convenient place apparently.

At the top looking back down.

"Take it from the top"
(650 ft. up from the base of the trail)

There is carved Graffiti everywhere,
some dating back a hundred years or more.
This one is along the edge at the top.

This is why I do it!

The best shot of the day!
(The Schoharie River Valley looking towards Catskill State Park.)


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