Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some but not all of the Blessings I am Thankful for!

Hey this is my 100th Posting! To celebrate this milestone and Thanksgiving Day I thought I would attempt to list 100 people and things in no particular order that I am thankful for!


My Family! Mom and Dad, Kevin & Linda and Sean. Jim & Kathy, Jackie & Mike and Phillip, Megan (and her daughter Katlin) and Ethan, My children: Devin and Sarah, and my Lil' brother Richard!

Jim, Jackie, Mom, Me & Richard

Our Dad: "My Ol' Man."

James Gilmour O'Brien in Ireland.

Our deceased Brother: My Confirmation Sponsor and Devin's Godfather.

Kevin James O'Brien.

My best friend: Steve & his finance Lynn and their children!

Steve at The Beaghmore Stone Circles.

The Every Other Thursday Night Poets!

Dennis Sullivan, Beverly Osborne, Tom Corrado, Edie Abrams, Art Willis, Alan Casline (all seated); Paul Amidon, Mike Burke, Tim Verhaegen, (Me), Barbara Vink, Philomena Moriarty

My friend Alan McKinney of Killaloo and his Wife Anna!
They welcomed us as if we were old friends. Thank You Again!

Beekeeper Extraordinaire: Alan McKinney.

My Monday Night Bible Study Group!

My Church Family! Everyone in our congregation including past and present Pastors!


My 3rd Cousin Barb! Who sent me this:

This is the first time it has left my pocket since I put it there
the day she sent it to me. Its back in my wallet already.

Everyone I met in Ireland! Ian Bartlett of St Columb's Cathedral, Henry at Greenmount Lodge, Gillian Gilmore at the Ulster Scot Agency, Ann Carson at Carnglass Farmhouse in Ballybogy, Andy at Cornerville on Howth. The random guy on the street who gave us directions in Dublin... and everyone else who did likewise every other time we looked lost! I know I'm leaving out people here so please forgive me....

"obeedúid~" Reclining on the Causeway.

All the Women I have Loved! Ann (The unrequited love of my youth), Christine (The never requited love of my youth!), Gail (I still remember you eating baby food on break with great abandon, it was cute and so were you.) Anna; (My ex wife; though we no longer speak we shared more than 15 years together and brought two wonderful kids into the world despite ourselves, had a mostly good life while it lasted, and I still remind my kids there were some good times that need to be remembered too.) Cheri (The unrequited love of my middle age. With whom I learned that patience and self-sacrifice in the service of others (Mostly other peoples kids) can have a lasting effect for good in their lives.) Shelley (I miss your smile, and your three girls too! Thanks for understanding we had different paths) Jennifer (You taught me that a nieve, trusting open loving heart can be taken advantage of repeatedly... I learned a valuable lesson, Alcohol IS A DEMON that can destroy lives, especially those who are trying to help.) Dawn (I know you let me go for my own good and I will always remember you and your boys through the fondness of rose colored glasses...)

All of my Kids from VUMYF! ...over the years (You know who you are!) (...and you always will!)

Boy Scout Troop 73: and the Scouter's and Scout Leaders who have been and still are my Mentors. Tom Roe I miss you so!

My Faithful Doggie!

Duet. "don't drink from the Toilet you Dumbhead!" O'Brien

The Kids I took in who took me into their hearts! Matt (The first of Devin's buddy's who needed a place to stay and a bed to crash on.) Cameron/"Tweeter" (The second of Devin's buddy's who made my old couch his home. I was proud to be your friend and I am happy to know that you eventually reconciled with your Father.) Amanda (My other daughter, who never forgets me on Dad's Day!) Robert (I know that someday you will bottom out and begin the journey back up again, and I pray that you will be forgiven by yourself.) Michael (What can I say, I hope you and Herbie are happy, I hope your Mom will someday be happy and I was proud to be your Dad for a while!)

My Trip to Killaloo!

Me in the Gilmour's/Glenn's Field at Killaloo.
Killaloo Ord. S. 22 :Alexander Gilmore
Location 5-B :House and small garden :10

This Fortune Cookie I got last night!

... no duh...!

The 99 other people I work with at "Hannaford of Voorheesville"... I love my job and working with you all everyday, Thanks! ...it makes working easy when my work place is enjoyable!

My Readers: From 56 Country's and Every State in the U.S.!

My 101st blog! Which will take place in Killaloo! ...well we were there when we filmed the video anyway... !

I could keep going but I know I'm way over 100 and... me tired... need go sleepy bye now....

oh... I started thinking about this on Tuesday, thats why the date is set that way at the top of the blog.... Its Friday A.M. now so ignore that please....


Thanksgiving Day 2008


  1. Mark, Two things, One, You MUST put your drawing of the church on all the bulletins and things because the one on there now sucks, because it's a really bad drawing I did when George was here and I hate looking at it and your drawing is awesome! I'm not kidding, I'll make you do it! And #2 my email address is dcwozniak@gmail.com.
    You look happy as a clam in your photos! That's good. See you at the market. Diane

  2. Diane,
    You caught me out! "The Drawing" in this post was actually copied from the FUMCV Church site. I believe it is the Artists rendering that was supplied by the Architect before the remodel a few years ago... :0 ...I haven't yet done the Church on my own but plan to do it in the future... You can make me do that no kidding!
    I am happy as a clam at this point in my life because I realize now that it has been a good life all along! Ireland showed me that!
    My life has been a little checkered, but all in all a good one. If you measure it by all the blessings I have recieved I am a Gazillionaire!


  3. Hi Mark, Oh, That's funny!! But yes, you WILL do a drawing of the church. Painting I can do, but pen and ink not so much. See you around.