Sunday, November 23, 2008

...Dream Mapping....

Many things happened this week, not the least of which was as I was coloring the maps with colored pencils and crosschecking my Griffith's Data with them. Some pieces came together in my mind that only time and perspective seems to provide.


The Griffith Data Sheets (not the Maps) were labeled as: "Printed Tuesday, January 26, 1858."

The Plotted map is very confusing. So as I was poring over it I realized that James Glenn was actually located right where I originally speculated he might be in the first draft of the novel two years ago. (Imagine that!) ...guess I'll have to go back and readjust things a little...

Brackfield Ord. S 22 :James "Glynn"
Location 8-e :House and small garden :10


Matthew Glenn was located just up the street from the Glebe House within yards of where the "Scribe Tree" would have been located between the two Townlands. (Imagine that!) As one letter indicates that "Uncle James lived at the "Scribe Tree" (1865 letter) and yet another indicates that "Matthew is home and looking for a place to live..." (1861 letter) If in fact James Glenn lived at the "Scribe Tree" in 1865 as indicated, an emigration and changing of locations took place that may also be researched.

Killaloo Ord. S. 22 :Matthew "Glynn"
Location 1-g :House and small garden :10


The Gilmour Tenancy was along the now defunct Ougtagh/Oughtagh Road (all that is left is a Hedgerow between Fields) running North and South. (Spelled variously depending on which sign on which side of the road you're looking at....) I also realized that there was an Access Road between Tenancy's and a little section of ground that may have given the Gilmour's access to Glenshane Road via this easement. There is a structure indicated there and it may well have been their house.

Killaloo Ord. S. 22 :Alexander Gilmore
Location 5-B :House and small garden :10

I believe now that they would have done their Coopering at or near that Glebe perhaps in an outbuilding that exists on Alan McKinney's property. On site as it were. The Group of buildings in the lower left corner of the map was the main hub of Killaloo and from what Alan told me contained a Post office and perhaps a Store. Today it is where the Orange Hall is located. Glenshane Road runs through this hub and as you will see in the next Map: between the Church and the Glebe House on its way to Claudy.


George McGonigle's Father James was in the lot across the street from the Glebe and his property bordered the Church of Ireland: Church of the Trinity where James Gilmour was Baptized. This is where the Glenn's; and their descendants were buried as well.

Killaloo Ord. S. 22 :James M'Gonigle
Location 7 :land :1. 10 shillings

This Map also shows the Apple Orchard across the street from the Church at what is now the end of Alan and Anna's driveway where a Private residence is currently located.


Now here is where the time and perspective thing comes in. As you will see there was yet another spelling for Ougtagh/Oughtagh Road.... We realized this when we were inspecting the graves with Alan but it wasn't until I was sound asleep dreaming and walking around the maps in my head the other night that I realized the significance of its placement on the Tombstones.

The Sign on East side of road.
At the intersection "Wasterly" of the Gilmour Tenancy...

The Sign on West side of road.
Directly across the same intersection
Looking West in the direction of Londonderry.....

The spelling on the tombstones is: "Aughtagh" this phonetic in origin or Welch? (I shall have to research it further at a later date.)

Tombstone in Cumber Parish:
Holy Trinity Church: Killaloo.

Since the Gilmour's all emigrated, someone had to have acquired their land, either by sale or gift. Logically that would have likely have been next of kin who remained behind: the Glenn's. By proximity of the Gilmour's land to the Ougtagh/Oughtagh/Aughtagh Road, it is my firm belief that when I unearth later Griffith Data that this will be the case.


So here is Part 5: Arrival in Killaloo. Two minutes and 30 to 40 seconds seems to be the limit of my memory/programs and equipment at this time. That being the case I have had to cut down things and plan for further breaks in the series. There is a title that I overlaid on this one that was slower in the original Movie Project file, but I was forced to run it at a slightly faster pace when I created the Video.

Feel free to "pause at will..." ... ;)


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