Saturday, October 4, 2008

...only 4 Days to GO Time!

I'm done with my last day of work before going. I gathered a list of E-mail addresses today for "Virtual Post Cards" I figure if I send regular posts home from Ireland I'll be back before most of them. This way they will be "As it Happens" so to speak. I intend to blog also when I can. I'm thinking that My Videos will be edited and uploaded when I return as the idea of paying for "By-the-minute" to upload them will likely not be cost effective.

It was a long day at work; I'm going to Clean the Laundromat and hit the sack so I'm fresh for Church in th A.M. I'll build the Group Mailing lists tomorrow after Service. Richard, Steve and I are going to do some "prep stuff" in the afternoon that I will explain about at a later date.

Hey! I just looked at the 5 day forecast and things are looking good at least for the first couple of days! If anyone is interested here is the BBC link ...

Omagh by the way, is the Town in County Tyrone we are staying in for the first few days so we can visit the Center for Migration Studies and the Ulster Heritage Park. We are going to see if we can locate the actual plot of ground where the Gilmour's Cooperage stood based on our Griffith's Data. You pronounce it: "Oh-Ma".


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