Sunday, October 5, 2008

3 Days left: Panic sets in...

Steve and I drove out to my Dad's Grave today after Church to do an intro Video for our trip. Richard wasn't feeling well so he stayed home. That was about 11:30 this morning; it's now going for 3:00 p.m. Here's the thing, I was assuming that I knew what I was doing and had followed all the directions translated from the manufacturer from Chinese into "Ingrish". I thought I had figured out all the backwards grammar and conditioned all the batteries. Turns out it didn't work.

Let me give you an example: "Pecial to charge design of way of going back, to excessive discharge or is it use and lead to the fact voltage not to pass the low battery to put for a long time, can still start and charge normally."


So we are going to go back later this evening and try it again after I try to recharge the Old Battery with my Camera Dock. I bought 2 "NEW" Batteries and a Charger SO I WOULDN'T have to drag the Dock along....

I guess I'm "Tied to the Dock..." (...yes I do realize the Poetic Justice of that statement...)

Again, the Lord sent me out in the field and "made me to fail" before I got to Ireland and then realized the expensive cheep piece-o'-x@#+!!! didn't work.

(was that last statement a ironic contradiction or what?)


...I think I'll call that an "Oxy-ironical-ism"...

So, yeah: "Practice, Practice, Practice."

Work out the "Chinese Bug's"

...or you may end up wasting one" houror" more....


P.S.: The 5 day weather from the last post has changed. We might be driving into Omagh in Heavy Rain. If so the first stop will likely be the Pub. ;)

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