Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tripping the Lenox Genealogic....

I have been playing around with Google's Street View.

...Its weird to drive past my house in the past...

They must have done Voorheesville last fall by the look of things. It was a cloudy day in my part of town. If you face the Hardware Store as you pass it by, a red car zooms out of the parking lot and disappears right before your eye's... BLIP!

They must have switched hardrives at that point or something.


I got to thinking maybe I could do Google Street View in Lenox Mass. and find the locations on the map that I posted in a previous posting The Costly Christmas Donybrook Affair:

But alas no Street View for Lenox just yet. It ends on the Mass Pike some distance west of Albany.

I did find this though on

Its from an 1896 Town of Lenox Street Directory.
No street house numbers though.

And this was in the 1948 Directory:

If you look in the upper right hand corner you can see Michael and James D. O'Brien listed as Field Drivers. It seems that a "Field Driver" (according to the Dunstable, MA town website) is one of a town's traditional positions. Field Drivers take up untended animals such as horses, sheep, goats, swine, asses, and cattle going at large in public ways or commons or unimproved land not under care of a keeper and impounds them. The town votes each year to have the Selectmen appoint these officers.


With no house numbers to work with I tried other options on Google Maps. I did some Trip-plotting in Satellite Mode. You can zoom in to see the area I found and posted previously to compare and locate the two locations indicated in the 1856 map. I like the Panoramio feature and you can use it by clicking on the more button and checking the photo option. This will also show you a photo of the Church on the hill graveyard nearby.

Heres the map I created:

View Larger Map

If you zoom in you can compare it to the other map in the previous blog mentioned above.

It's only an hour away... Maybe a "Sunday Drive" is in order....

Maybe even some Grave Rubbing!

Thats Rubbing not Robbing Casline!



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