Sunday, August 16, 2009

We knew this must happen but when did It transpire?

I've been told I'm too young to feel this way:


Go on with you then:

Never quite comfortable
with bodily furniture as one ages
when the soul tires of its garment,
we cling to the trash and tinsel of our hides.

Wondering why we left our hormones alone
inside the bedded night
first blinding cupid with our dreams
then allowing him the freedom to guide.

Grown old we think:
We knew this must happen but when did It transpire?
Was it simply wild youth?
…or reckless middle age stalking hearts desire?

We knew it must happen this growing old,
we watched it from the choir!
What If we had sought truth through-out our middle age?
What then of desire?

Perhaps that’s why we stood here fast to the floor
our garments crinkled on the armature.
Perhaps that’s why we stand here still
and rearrange the furniture.

You do realize don’t you?
…the key is turning in the door….


I don't know, maybe its because of what I've been through lately, maybe its because of what I've been reading, maybe I'm just an old soul sometimes... anyway, whether I'm speaking to myself, or the ages, I've had a lot to think about these past few weeks.

Yeats said: "The Art often expresses what the man lacks." I know what I currently lack, and as much as I desire it I also know that I am doing quite well without it at the moment thank you very much!

Life will change in the next year... drastically: and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with any of it. As much as I know that "The only thing constant is change." I have been mostly happy in my chosen bohemian lifestyle.

Its what I have come to be accustomed to after all!

Judging by the poetic themes I have been gravitating to over the last year what I lack is a constant called Love. ...I am finally at a stage where I am no longer going to settle for companionship for companionship sake though ~

It took me half a century but I'm finally there believe it or not.

I know what I'm lacking, I know the key is in the door, and I know its time to rearrange the furniture in earnest this time...

This may get messy, but I can't watch from the Choir any more.

"Look out world, time's a wastin' and here I come!"


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