Friday, April 17, 2009

3 Virtual Posts for the price of 1 !!!

Looking back towards N.Y. State
from the Taconic Mountains.

I woke up to find this greeting in my In-box! I was on-line in Pittsfield Mass., on Friday morning; checking my mail:

MICHAEL BURKE 6:32 AM (2 hours ago)

Good day from China, Obeedude.

Just think, someone is reading your very fine Blog in Shanghai...
Where is Clark Museum? Sounds interesting, as does MASSMOCA...
I used to work there when it was Sprague Electric.
Maybe we can get a little road trip up if you haven't gone before I get back.

See ya for the Poetry Brunch.


(What didn't Mike do during his youth?)

I send this Virtual Post from Mike wedged in between two from me!

The Fields behind the Clark Museum 15/apr/09

(Found the locations I was looking for and I will write about my adventures when I return home.) the the National Archives next...

See you all soon....


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