Sunday, March 8, 2009

When my Grandmother's were "Hotties!"

This is what I mean by:

"Will you leave / a beautiful ghost / for your grand children to find / on a summers day..."

Emma Veronica Conklin Burns (Nana)
age 15 circa 1917

My "Nana" with My Mom (Doris) circa 1926

My "Grampah" : Frederick Vincent Burns.


My Dad's Mother's family owned a place on the southern coast of Long Island. This is as close as we get to a full family portrait of the Gilmour's circa 1911 on Point Lookout Beach at "Bushwick" before they owned "Sea Breeze".

(L to R): Sarah Harvey Gilmour, James Alexander Gilmour,
Sarah Pollock Gilmour, Anne Jane Gilmour,
Robert Gilmour and Ruth Ann Gilmour.

Roberts wife Sarah died in March and I assume
that Charles Harvey Gilmour is taking the picture.

...and this is My Dad's Mother:

Sarah Pollock Gilmour ( not yet~ O'Brien) circa 1911

She was "Hotty!" too...

...and this would be My Dad's Father:

James Charles O'Brien circa 1918

I don't think if his legs are so "Hotty!"....


"...can you then paint a picture/of your heart with words for them to see/the beautiful ghost left..."

Pre- Kodachrome, but beautiful all the same!


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