Saturday, March 21, 2009

We went to visit "Peter" in the Woods Today.... (previously posted on my other blog on Tuesday, March 17, 2009)

Due to some Technical Problems I am reposting this blog here. I am not sure what the problem was but this should solve it temporarily. Friends and "Techies" have been telling me that the link was bad. I don kno... It worked when I tested it... Sorry for the inconvenience! ( no attention to the man behind the curtain!!!)


It was such a beautiful day today that "Deut" and I just had to go for a walk! So we started out to do the loop around the V-ville but ran into too many other dog owners with the same idea....

"Deut" is actually VERY social but lacks manners for most encounters.

When we were passing Larry Rapant's house we noticed he was at home and we asked if we could "wanner-'roun' " his woods for a while. I brought my camera with me (just in case) so I did what any nature-loving-camera-toting-artist would do... Fired her up and started shootin'!

...Random shot of the ground 'cause I fired it up too fast...

Now "Larry's Repast" is private, so I can't give a map or define the actual location on Google for privacy reasons.

But the walk does technically reside with-in the boundaries of the Normanskill Watershed so I'm posting this as a "secret hike" for the lucky few who know it well.

Besides, now I've posted it, you've done it too....



Some time back when they were redoing the curbs in Voorheesville, after we suffered through an entire spring, summer and fall of dust, noise and traffic; when they were done, I found that they had left behind a couple of broken pieces of curb on my front lawn. As often happens, walking past them for some weeks and months, they began to call to me... They even assembled themselves in my dreams. The result was my own version of a "Ready-Made" named "Peter".

Thing was, I had nowhere for Peter to "Hole-Up" so to speak. Then Larry asked me for a sculpture for his walking path in the woods...

"Peter" in the Wood.

"Peter" is held together by gravity alone.
...and so can be posed...

...and played with...

...But "Deut" would rather play with sticks...

Sticks are boring!

I'd rather play with rocks!


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